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My First Children's Book!

Exploring the outdoors. Imaginative play. A boy and a dragon.

I have been an artist as long as I can remember, but becoming an illustrator and children's book author seemed like an impossible task. Have you had something in your life that you'd love to do or be but believed it was unachievable? That was me, and now, I'm here rooting for you!

Believing I could! It all started when my husband asked me to draw a sword, fantasy world map, and the book cover that would be featured in his high-fantasy historical fiction series The Bloodline of Kings. His faith in me and our team work over the final two years before publishing his series really got me thinking. Could my own ideas floating around in my head become a book?

Children's book Dragon
The Dragon's Bridge Children's Book

The answer was Yes!

My story, The Dragon's Bridge, arrived in 2022. After many days of illustrating, editing, and trying out various art mediums it was completed- 8 months. My book is a spin off of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The 1981 version was my kids favorite pick from our local library. They read it and played Billy goats gruff for days. My eldest's son in particular loves imaginative play and romping around in the forest. He is the inspiration for the boy in the story.

I hope The Dragon's Bridge leads you on your own adventure!

The perfect book to encourage outdoor woodland play, or be used as a kinesthetic learning activity in a classroom. All readers will enjoy the action-based onomatopoeias, colorful pictures, and the 'find a snail' activity as they read-aloud.

Using repetitive word phrases and predictable text, The Dragon's Bridge allows the child to participate in the reading experience.

From the back cover:

"Who dares to disobey my rule!" bellowed the Dragon. "Before I eat you what do you have to say?"

Join the adventure of an imaginative boy as he marches, runs, jumps, and soars to avoid being eaten by the grumpy Dragon. An interactive and playful story.

I'd love to hear from you. Let me know if you get a chance to read it and your thoughts!


Melissa B.

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